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Hi Dear! Prior to the launch of Oveela.com, our young and creative team worked as manufacturers and suppliers in the retail jewelry field Although we can’t disclose any names, we can tell you that we have been designing and producing jewelry for online jewelers and designers around the world for many years. We insist on handmade jewelry to create monumental pieces of jewelry and our online business is based in Houston, Texas.

We work hand in hand with our partner jewelers to take the stress out of starting a business and allow independent designers to realize their dream of owning a jewelry store. Witness their growth and transformation. We feel the warmth and goodwill in every conversation and collaboration we have with them, and no matter what, even if it’s a simple hand-drawn jewelry piece, we will work together to make it happen.

We currently have Oveela branded retail stores, to provide our customers with a customized jewelry service without the high cost of a store and marketing.We are dedicated to making Fine jewelry accessible to every woman with reasonable pricing. In our store you can find a large collection of beautiful engagement rings, wedding rings, colorful gemstone rings that are the best expression of love and self! using our production expertise to produce jewelry that gives each piece of jewelry a special meaning, with the belief that every woman is unique and has unlimited potential for self-expression. We know you, we meet you, and we make each other happy in our jewelry.

Our Growth:

We source our jewelry from licenses with long-time collaborators or from development collaborations with independent designers, as well as from paid licenses for creative jewelry from the Gemological Research Institute Of Switzerland. We keep our jewelry up-to-date and hope that you will find your own special piece of jewelry at Oveela.

Our team handcrafts a beautiful piece of jewelry and we make sure that our jewelry is legal and ethical every step of the way before it reaches you.

Our Responsibility:

In addition to making sure the jewelry you receive from us looks great, we recognize the importance of doing the right thing for our employees, partners, customers and the world.

Ethical production is a priority for us, and in addition to working together with independent designers, we support and encourage sustainable practices such as the use of recycled gold and silver, the promotion of the use of lab-grown gemstones, and lab-grown diamonds, and more environmentally friendly processes in response to nature’s need to minimize greater damage. Our founder, Connie, knows this from years of working together, and as a result, Oveela has made environmental protection and fair pay a top priority.

We are committed to providing our employees with a supportive and inclusive workplace where everyone is treated with respect and given equal opportunities for growth and advancement. We offer competitive compensation packages, comprehensive benefits, and a healthy work-life balance to ensure that our employees feel valued and appreciated.

Thank you for choosing Oveela jewelry as your jewelry store of choice. We look forward to helping you find the perfect piece that you will treasure for years to come.

Address: 9597 Jones Rd, 222, Houston, Texas, 77065, United States


Contact: Connie


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