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What Is Oveela Moissanite?

Properties of Moissanite

Moissanite is a fascinating and mysterious gemstone that originates from meteorites. It is environmentally friendly and socially responsible, and is as beautiful as diamonds with its unique double refraction properties. Moissanite is even more brilliant than diamonds, with a Mohs hardness of 10 and a brightness 2.5 times that of diamonds. Its dispersion is also an impressive 0.104, compared to diamonds’ 0.044.

Origin of Moissanite

Moissanite is a natural combination of silicon and carbon elements. It can only be formed under high temperature, high pressure, and impact conditions, making its creation extremely rare and difficult.

Because of its unique origin from a meteorite that is 50,000 years old, Moissanite has a resilient and eternal significance. Its extraterrestrial origin adds a romantic and idealistic appeal to the gemstone, which is also known for its dazzling and beautiful appearance, making it a beloved choice for romantic couples as a symbol of eternal love.


Forever One Moissanite

The highest quality Moissanite comes from CHARLIES&COLVAED’s Forever One series, which requires flawless cutting with a 99.9% flaw-free rate. The gemstone has a smooth texture and a brilliant diamond-like sparkle. The color requirement for  Forever One Moissanite is D-F, and the material is nearly the same as high-quality natural diamonds. In terms of clarity,  Forever One Moissanite contains only 0.001% impurities under a 10x magnifying glass, achieving a clarity grade of FL-IF with only a few being VVS. Of course,  Forever One Moissanite comes at a premium price.

Ordinary Moissanite

Moissanite is also sold in many jewelry stores, but customers have reported receiving gemstones that do not match the advertised quality, especially when purchasing online. The quality of Moissanite in the market can be unstable, with uneven cutting, insufficient surface smoothness, and colors ranging from G-J, K-M or even lower grades. The clarity can range from SI to IJK, and the quality and price can be inconsistent and difficult to distinguish.

Oveela Moissanite

At Oveela, we only select high-quality Moissanite. Our experienced gemstone selectors personally visit Moissanite suppliers to handpick each gemstone and strictly screen them according to our usage standards. We demand smooth and symmetrical cutting for each gemstone, a clarity grade of VVS, and a color grade of D-F.

Oveela Oval Cut VVS Moissanite Loose Stones

Compared to  Forever One Moissanite, our Oveela Moissanite is priced much lower, but we strive to approach  Forever One Moissanite’s standards in terms of quality. Oveela Moissanite can fulfill your every expectation for this precious gemstone.

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