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Common types of jewelry metals Guide

Understanding GOLD:  Gold is a precious metal that has been highly valued throughout history for its beauty and rarity.  Gold has been used for various purposes, including jewelry, coins, and ornaments, and has played an important role in many cultures and civilizations. 2300–2100 BC; various sizes; Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City)  Source: wikipedia.org The chemical […]

Raw material of 18K、14k、10k gold: gold nuggets with some flakes and dust.

10k Gold Vs 14k Gold Vs 18k Gold

K Gold Definition Type The purity of gold is expressed in K (Karat). 24K is 100% pure gold and is therefore the most expensive. Because gold is the softest and most resistant, most jewelry uses K gold to achieve the desired hardness, durability and color. Common K gold hallmark purity in jewelry stores Karat Purity […]


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